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Thank you for stopping by. I’m a product and project manager with past experience assisting various organizations ranging from digital technology, consumer goods, airlines, high-end luxury brands and more.I have lived and worked in Canada, Singapore, Spain, China, and the US. I’m currently based in Vancouver, BC.Use the links below to know more about me, see my past work or just to say Hi.

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Book fast, fly faster! – Scoot

Problem: Scoot, the budget airline of Singapore Airlines, was seeing a downward trend in flight bookings and had received many complaints from their customers that the booking system is cumbersome.Objective: To improve Scoot’s ticket booking experience, minimize friction and increase the number of flights booked.Execution: Scoot had a complex problem – being a part of Singapore Airlines, several components were re-utilized from Singapore Airlines’ booking system. Despite Scoot being largely a no frills, low-cost airline, their booking experience was burdened with many unnecessary bells and whistles and was not mobile friendly.Leading the booking system revamp, I implemented funnel tracking to find key drop-off points in the booking journey and sources of customer friction. In collaboration with Scoot’s development team, a revamped, built-from-scratch ticket booking system was designed with a strong focus on being mobile first. The no-compromise approach resulted in reducing a 9-step process down to a straightforward 5-step process with a brand-new UI in line with Scoot’s youthful brand persona.At the time of the launch, this was combined with a gamification element comprising of timers, helpful and encouraging prompts and leaderboards that enticed customers to book a ticket on the website in the shortest time possible with SA vouchers and free tickets to be won by the Top 10 every hour.Impact: The campaign increased bookings by 30% and increased engagement by 300%.

Beyond Money – HSBC

Problem: HSBC is known worldwide as the world's local bank, but not as a wealth management leader.Objective: To position HSBC as a trusted wealth management partner by providing a more expansive view of the future to protect, grow, and create wealth for their clients.Execution: This campaign kicked off with an event titled 'Beyond Money', hosted in collaboration with TED. This was followed by a print campaign that captured vital life moments and a ground-up website revamp.Impact: The launch event boosted HSBC's market perception as a wealth management leader by 89% and was awarded the Gold award at Singapore Marketing Excellence Awards.

City-proof your skin – Neutrogena

Problem: Neutrogena’s market share had dropped in the hydration cosmetic product category.Objective: To reposition and relaunch Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost to reclaim and increase market share.Execution: Neutrogena’s relaunch entailed an experiential marketing campaign focusing on skin-harming climate factors and how Neutrogena could protect users’ skin against those factors. The experiential marketing campaign was coupled with a video campaign featuring Taiwanese actress Ariel Lim.To drive home this point, I worked with the campaign’s Creative Director to develop the experiential campaign which entailed the creation of digital billboards that pulled data through an external API. These billboards were installed at popular locations in Taiwan and displayed current environmental conditions which are skin hazards and videos showing Ariel Lim battling skin-harming environmental factors with Neutrogena. The billboards invited public to scan a QR code to sign up to the Neutrogena website and receive a special discount.Impact: A 30% increase in sales, enabling Hydro Boost to reach the top spot within the hydration category. The campaign won 5 awards (Promotion, Product/Service Launch, Cross Media, Innovation, Location Based Services/Targeting) in MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Smarties APAC, and an APAC Effie award. The video campaign garnered over 1 million views online.

See where the world is heading – Singapore Tourism Board

Problem: Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) research suggested that Singapore was perceived as dated and was no longer considered a tourism destination of choice by Filipinos.Objective: To engage Filipinos in a way that positioned Singapore as a new, varied, and exciting destination.Execution: Music was chosen as the vehicle to carry the message. As clients have never used music as the lead asset, we had to research the best artist/band that would align with our target audience and the music genre that would work with our creative direction. We decided on a Philippine indie band, Up Dharma Down, and invited them to tour Singapore to inspire them in creating the song. We then produced the music video and the song was launched at a press event in the Philippines and on online social platforms.Impact: The music video achieved 1 million views within the first week and reached the top 10 in the Philippines' music charts.


Over the past 7+ years I’ve helped multiple great brands develop and launch new products, springboarded a tech startup from scratch, aided the revival of a struggling mobile app, devised campaigns to help a country attract more tourists and implemented research backed solutions that enabled an airline to serve its customers better.Thrown somewhere in those 7+ years is an adventure wherein I found myself pursuing an MBA in Spain and eventually ending up in Vancouver, BC Canada, which is my current location.Outside of work, you can find me hiking in national parks and painstakingly building a collection of pepper plants at home. Currently, I am growing 15 different pepper varieties and am always looking to grow new ones!Education:
- BA Communications - University at Buffalo, State of New York, USA
- MBA, Product Management and Marketing - IE Business School, Madrid, Spain
- Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
- Graduate, Section4: Product Strategy sprint
Great places that I've worked at in the past:
Leo Burnett


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